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Call the Plan Administrative Manager, Renee Bossone, in Fund office at 203-375-6088.

Visit Aetna’s website at, to find a medical or dental provider, locate Urgent Care Centers or Walk-in Clinics near you, or to get discount info.

Call Aetna at 866-658-2455 for any medical or claim questions or concerns.

Contact Aetna’s Employee Assistance Program  (EAP) 


Log In: local145
Password: EAP


The Teamsters Local 145 Health Services and Insurance Plan provides benefits to employees who are represented for collective bargaining purposes by I.B.T. Local Union No. 145. Our site is designed for members who need to access our health services and those that need to access our union information. 


To Our Members:



The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is also available 24/7 for help cope with the unknown, whether it’s the coronavirus or any other stressor.

1-888-238-6232 / TTY: 711

Username: local145

Password: eap

The Fund & Trustees continues to monitor COVID using credible information and sources.   Continue to follow the CDC guidelines for personal health and social distancing, be mindful of your activities and surroundings and educate yourself on the tools available to you to care for yourselves and your loved ones.

Where can you obtain more information?

You can find more information on COVID-19 at these links: 

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